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Abuela’s Spicy Chorizo Tacos


Abuela’s Spicy Chorizo Tacos Creative Meals A Recipe by El Popular Grandmothers, or abuelas, have a special ability to put a magical touch on just about everything - recipes especially. Chef Juarez has shared her Abuela’s Spicy Chorizo Tacos recipe with the world, showcasing how El Popular’s Chorizo can be [...]

Abuela’s Spicy Chorizo Tacos2021-01-14T14:04:02-06:00

Chorizo Burger


Chorizo Burger Creative Meals A Recipe by El Popular An American Classic Meets A Mexican Staple. There are few foods as universally loved as the hamburger - you simply cannot beat a rich, juicy patty sandwiched between buttery-soft buns. The only way to improve this timeless crowd-pleaser is to add [...]

Chorizo Burger2021-01-14T14:01:39-06:00

Pan Roasted Vegetables with Mole


Pan Roasted Vegetables with Mole Creative Meals A Recipe by El Popular Time to Veg Out. There is nothing easier, tastier, or more nutritious than warm roasted vegetables. El Popular’s Mole sauce transforms plain veggies into a rich and savory meal. This recipe will have any picky eater at your [...]

Pan Roasted Vegetables with Mole2020-12-21T21:42:57-06:00

Mole Chilaquiles


Mole Chilaquiles Breakfast Favorites A Recipe by El Popular Brunch, munch, munch… Need a good breakfast or brunch recipe to impress your friends? Easy Mole Chilaquiles is the perfect dish to whip up. Chilaquiles are like soft breakfast nachos and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion with [...]

Mole Chilaquiles2020-12-21T21:43:55-06:00