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Mole Rub


Mole Rub Creative Meals A Recipe by El Popular Rub-a-dub-dub… While we don’t recommend you using this tasty Mole Rub on your skin in the bathtub, we do recommend using it on basically everything else. Make it sweet, make it savory — we’ll make it delicious. Let's Get Started [...]

Mole Rub2020-12-21T21:47:15-06:00

Mole Chili


Mole Chili Creative Meals A Recipe by El Popular A Tasty Twist on Classic Comfort Food. Cold nights call for hot chili – well actually every night calls for hot chili, especially when it’s El Popular’s Mole Chili. We know chili recipes are usually a highly protected family tradition, but [...]

Mole Chili2020-12-21T21:59:20-06:00

Vegetarian Mole Enchiladas


Vegetarian Mole Enchiladas Creative Meals A Recipe by El Popular Got a ‘beef’ with meat? We got you. El Popular’s Mole sauce tastes good on everything, especially veggies. With Vegetarian Mole Enchiladas this good, you’re gonna want “the whole enchilada” – no really, you’re going to want to eat [...]

Vegetarian Mole Enchiladas2020-12-21T21:53:22-06:00

Mole Poblano Shrimp Tacos


Mole Poblano Shrimp Tacos Creative Meals A Recipe by El Popular Sick of ‘turf’ and want some ‘surf’? When accompanied by El Popular’s Mole sauce, run-of-the-mill shrimp tacos are transformed into true Mexican mariscos, or seafood. Whipping up these tasty Mole Poblano Shrimp Tacos is quick, easy, and is [...]

Mole Poblano Shrimp Tacos2020-12-21T21:54:12-06:00

Momma’s Chorizo Cornbread Stuffing


Momma’s Chorizo Cornbread Stuffing Creative Meals A Recipe by El Popular Over 10 years ago, Chef Theresa Garza decided to try out a recipe of her own creation that blended the culture of the Mexican family she married into with her own Southern family roots. The result of this fusion was [...]

Momma’s Chorizo Cornbread Stuffing2021-01-14T17:27:04-06:00