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El Popular has been making chorizo for over 90 years using the same recipe that the founder’s family created in Mexico. All ingredients must meet the Garza family’s highest standards of quality.
We have been in business for almost 100 years. El Popular was founded by Vicente F. Garza in 1925. The company is the continuous oldest
Mexican business in the United States.
El Popular uses only premium U.S.D.A. federally inspected pork and beef raised in Indiana. We only work with suppliers that partner with Indiana and Midwest farms and families who meet our standards for raising the highest quality pork and beef in the most responsible way.

New Mexico chile pepper are grown to the company’s specifications. There are no allergens, cereals or filler used in any of the chorizos or longanizas.

Tired of eating chorizo with pig glands? We will never use glands. Providing the best quality food for your family has been our company’s mission for over 90 years. Unfortunately, there are many chorizos available in your local supermarkets with low-quality ingredients that include organ meats, salivary and pituitary glands, lymph-nodes, hearts, lungs, and kidneys.

El Popular Mexican Chorizo is an ingredient made from pork or beef. It is a unique flavor enhancer that can be used in various recipes. There are many different types of Chorizos; there is a significant difference between a Mexican-style Chorizo and a Spanish-style Chorizo. El Popular Chorizo is a Traditional Authentic Mexican-style Chorizo.
As long as the product is still contained in its original packaging or plastic casing it is good by the “Use By” date. If the casing has been opened, then the chorizo is good for 23 days.
Yes, as long as the product has not been removed from its original packaging or plastic casing the chorizo can be frozen for 6 months after the “Use By” date code.
Yes, all El Popular Chorizos and Longaniza are GLUTEN-FREE.
No, and never.
No, El Popular chorizo does not contain any allergens.
El Popular Mexican Chorizo is available in various flavors. The “Original” recipe is the #1 selling Chorizo. The “Mild” Chorizo is perfect for those who love the El Popular “Original” flavor but prefer a less spicy yet just as satisfying tasting experience. The “Super Picante” Chorizo is for those who demand a HOT, BOLD, SPICIER flavor in a premium pork sausage. There is also a “Beef” Chorizo recipe, with same zesty spice blend and tradition of the “Original” pork chorizo.
El Popular Chorizo does not contain any artificial colors or flavoring. All colors and flavors are found naturally in the spices and chile peppers.
Yes, El Popular also manufactures the Aguila Mexicana chorizo brand. They offer the Aguila Mexican Soy Chorizo. Go meatless with your favorite Mexican dish. You may not be a meat-eater, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the bold and spiciness of authentic Mexican chorizo. Aguila Mexicana Soy chorizo is our vegetarian/vegan version that made El Popular pork chorizo famous but with less fat and zero cholesterol.
Remove casing from chorizo links before cooking and place desired amount in a non-stick skillet. Break-up chorizo while cooking at medium heat, sauté for 7-8 minutes until the chorizo is fully cooked. The internal temperature must reach a minimum of (160oF). Then add to your favorite dish. Chorizo can be used in practically any recipe. Visit our recipe page and you will find many creative recipes including deserts. That right, have you ever tried chorizo in cookies, ice cream or cupcakes. We look forward to your creative recipe, we would love to post them on our website.
It can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizer and believe it or not even dessert. Mexican Chorizo is traditionally used with huevos (eggs). Also, used in chili, fondue, tacos, nachos, pizza, spaghetti sauce, turkey dressing etc. See our recipe pages for creative ways to use El Popular Chorizo & Mexican Longaniza Sausage.
El Popular products are manufactured daily under the inspection of USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). El Popular facility achieved one of the highest level of Food Safety in the world. SQF (Safe Quality Food) Level 3 Certification.
There are many different types of Chorizos; there is a significant difference between a Mexican-style Chorizo and a Spanish-style Chorizo. El Popular Chorizo is a Traditional Authentic Mexican-style Chorizo.

Mexican Chorizo vs. Spanish Chorizo: Mexican Chorizo is an ingredient. It is a fine grind sausage, with the appearance and consistency of ground beef, and is prepared by stir-frying. As opposed to Spanish-Style Chorizo that is a fully cooked sausage used by the Latin American countries including Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. Spanish-Chorizo has the texture and consistency of a summer sausage, pepperoni, as it can be sliced and used in various soups and stews or eaten whole as an entrée but typically not served on a bun.

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